Wear your love for Stark Ravin' on your sleeve!


Well, actually more across your torso. But you get the idea.


Here's the rumpus – despite the liberal use of "we" and "us" on this site, at the moment Stark Ravin' is a real one man show.


So we're looking to make ends meet any way we can!


That's why we're selling these soft, stylish, and emminently cozy T-shirts through Tee Public. (Available in a variety of colors.)


Any funds raised from the sale of these shirts will go directly into producing more tasty, saucey goodness.


So ORDER YOURS TODAY, and help keep a good thing going!


(Note: Since these are custom printed one at a time, Tee Public doesn't provide refunds unless there's a physical problem with the shirt or the printing. So choose your size carefully!)