Call us crazy...


but we’ve never been huge fans of candy-sweet BBQ sauces.

And frankly, we don’t understand the whole  “hotter is better” craze either.


Sure, we like some "zing," but we don't think the heat should overpower the flavor. And we reject the idea that to get a rich, flavorful sauce, you need to load it up with high fructose corn syrup, or a lot of artificial flavorings and preservatives no one can pronounce.


So after searching in vain for the flavors we wanted, we started monkeying around ourselves. And after an embarrassing number of versions (not to mention countless taste tests by long-suffering family and friends), we landed on a few go-to favorites... not just for grilling, but for dipping everything from french fries to shrimp. (Not to mention topping burgers. Mmmm...)


At first they were just for us.


But then we thought...


"what if these sauces could do more than just tantalize tastebuds?"

We don't know who this gentleman is. But this is pretty much what our proprietor would look like with a lot more hair and a far sunnier disposition.